Michael Eads  
Lead Guitar - Electric/ Acoustic/ Nylon
Photo Courtesy: Conrad & Co./ Seattle
Michael Eads has an extensive variety of musical
experience. Born and raised in Carlisle, PA, a small
town in the South Central area of the state, he
graduated from high school and went on to attend
Penn State Univ. After receiving his AA degree in
Liberal Arts, he continued his studies at Berklee
College of Music in Boston. He has always credited
Berklee as being one of the most enriching
experiences of his life. Although he already had quite
a bit of musical experience under his belt before his
time at Berklee, it was there he realized music was
his life's passion and goal. After leaving Berklee,
Michael was fortunate to become Music
Director/Guitarist for Herb Reed and The Platters,
who were based out of Boston. Working and
travelling with them for three years are memories
he'll never forget, and it also enabled him to meet
many influential people in the music business.

After his years with The Platters, as well as working
with numerous other acts and venues in the Boston
area, Michael decided to make a move to Los
Angeles to pursue his musical interests. Arriving in
L.A., and with the help of several friends in the music
business already there, he was able to work with the
likes of Connie Stevens, Jim Stafford, and various
other acts, both local and national. It was during this
time that he got the opportunity to play on "The
Tonight Show", when Johnny Carson was still the
host, and get his first real experiences with recording
session work. He also attended and is a graduate of
The Musician's Institute, of which he was selected to
be featured on the senior recording project of his
class. All of these experiences he credits as being
his 'real teachers'.

After 5 years in L.A., Michael decided a change was
in order. He moved to Seattle and has remained
there ever since. He considers himself lucky in that
he was able to work right away. In addition to
constant 'live' work, he has played on numerous
commercial/jingle sessions, industrial films, and
album projects, and he continues to do so. He was
also privileged to be part of the band on two local
television shows. He was Guitarist/Asst. Music
Director of "Almost Live", a comedy-talk show along
the same lines as David Letterman, and
Guitarist/Music Director of "Tracey & Co.", a live,
afternoon variety-talk show. He also became
interested in doing radio work and started hosting a
weekly jazz show on the local APR station. This
eventually led to a position as Music Director/Midday
host with KWJZ, the Seattle Smooth Jazz station, as
well as some part-time, on-air work with KPLU, the
local Jazz/NPR station.

Michael's musical experiences and interests are
already wide ranging yet he's always looking to grow
and expand them. He feels music is and should be a
part of everyone's daily life and could not imagine a
world without it. As he always says, "There's really
only two types of music....good and bad....but allow
'something' to come  into your life."